Slowly decreasing Japanese population is showing a transitional period in our food industry.
We determine to reform in-house structure, making a better system of distribution and hygiene management based on our experience to offer high quality food and service to our customers. And furthermore, Nishihara-Shokai will discover valuable products not only in Japan but also overseas and create new products to satisfy our customers.
The belief of Nishihara-Shokai " Making people smile with our food " will never change. How can we be of help to our customers? What can we do to make people happy through our products? Finding out the answer of these questions is a mission for Nishihara-Shokai.


- Good personality effort

- Bringing peace and happiness to the family

- Growing together with the community


- Making a brighter and happy company

- Everyonefs dream for a better company in the future

- Everyone to cooperate and work together to raise profit and building the company.