There are 8 factories within the Nishihara group processing and controlling specific food items. Each factory with their own staff specializes in different fields of the Japanese and European food culture producing safe and ready to use food products.
Satsumaya Co. Ltd.
Specializes mainly in Satsumaage products, a traditional fried fish cake.
Kagoshima is very famous for Satumaamge but Satsumaya produces products beyond the locals imagination.

Yuba Sho Co. Ltd.
Specializes mainly in Yuba products (soy milk skin), a traditional Japanese product made from soy bean. Yuba is high in protein and used in many healthy dishes in the Japanese cuisine.
Fresh Shokuhin Co. Ltd. Plant No.1
Specializes mainly in seasonal traditional Japanese foods used in various Japanese cuisines.
Fresh Shokuhin Co. Ltd. Plant No.2
Specializes mainly in preserved Japanese vegetables and vegetables pastes.
Takumi Foods Co. Ltd.
Specializes mainly in various egg products ranging European style omelets to traditional Japanese chawan-mushi. Products originality and high quality is practiced highly in this factory.
Nishihara Shokuhin Co. Ltd.
Specializes mainly in dried products ranging from dried mushrooms to seaweed.
Premium products are selected by highly trained staff to ensure products of quality and taste.
Hikoshi Marine Co. Ltd.
Specializes mainly in seafood products made for various dishes ranging from grilled, steamed to fried items.
西通りプリン Nishidori Pudding Co. Ltd.
Nishidori Pudding produces and sells handmade steamed puddings. Mouth-watering with a smooth texture, all ingredients are carefully selected making our puddings very special. Rich milk and chocolates flavors are part our lineup designed and contributed by our pastry chef patissier.
西通りプリン 西通りプリン
桜寿食品 Ouju Foods Co. Ltd.
“Basashi” is sashimi horse meat in English. Ouju Foods produces varies basashi products. Quality and taste of the each product is enhanced by strict quality control in production.
桜寿食品 桜寿食品